Virtual Servers

Virtual Servers provide the flexibility to run your business applications precisely and as you see fit. Add and remove servers when necessary to cope with the peaks and drops in your traffic demands, while aligning cost and revenue goals.

Our Virtual Servers are reliable, affordable and loaded with fast storage for maximum performance and redundancy. Let us handle the hosting layer so you are free to focus on your customers and products.

Server outsourcing

  • Equipment available on the spot instead of waiting for production and transport
  • Possibility of reconfiguring the equipment at any time
  • Possibility of leasing equipment for your collocation
  • Possibility of installing any OS, software, VM or even connecting a USB drive

Full spectrum of devices

Bare metal is not only dedicated servers, but also:

  • Network devices from 1 to 100 G
  • Fortinet and Cisco firewalls
  • NetApp disk arrays in various configurations

Bare metal cloud

By leasing servers and other devices available on the spot you gain the flexibility of the cloud with the security of dedicated equipment

Automation and self-service

From the purchase of the server, through the installation of the operating system to the machine management. The basic functions of the panel in the field of server management include:

  • Server start, stop and restart
  • Access management and connection to the KVM / IPMI console
  • Management of public IP addressing
  • Installation of the operating system from the image: (Debian 6/7, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, CentOS 6, Microsoft systems and software)
  • Traffic statistics
  • Management of multiple users with the possibility of assigning various roles to them